Our little pumpkin Thea, turned one on September 22nd, 2015. I can’t believe its been nearly 2 years since that day.

That day was perfect. Our little baby was one! Our friends and family were there. It was a perfect end of summer/ beginning of fall day. We had pumpkins on the brain and our bellies were full of our favorite fall treats! (Especially Thea’s little belly, as you’ll soon see!)

Come celebrate our little pumpkin turning ONE, we said. The pumpkins, caramel apples, white chicken chili to keep you warm, crafts, cookies, cake, candy, and even horse rides await!

Each kid got to visit Thea’s little pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin to take home!

We had horse rides in the field out back and it was the perfect setting!  Porschia even got to ride a horse all by her self for the very first time! (She still talks about it!) <3

There was a very cute cake under that box, that sadly I did not get a picture of. It was the cutest little pumpkin patch!

We quickly switched out the real pumpkin for a fake, cake pumpkin. lol. She liked the taste much better!

Que the sugar comma.

It was such an amazing day and what better way to end it than with a parting gift of caramel apples. We did heath bar, m and m’s, nuts, reeses, and more! Thank you to everyone who attended and made Thea’s special day SO wonderful!  We all had a blast!

And to Thea…

We thought we loved you as much as we possibly could on this day two years ago, but our love and admiration for you has grown every day! You make every single person who meets you laugh and you make me smile so big my cheeks hurt! We love every little thing about you. Happy birthday my darling! 💛💛💛



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