I was born with 6 older sisters, a wonderful mother, and now have been given the most amazing sister in-laws. My sisters and mom have always thrown me the most amazing parties. The baby showers have always been my favorite ones to look back on. They just know exactly what to do to celebrate the little miracle in my belly with a magical, themed evening. My first shower, which is featured a little bit on my “Welcoming Porschia into the World” post, was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. My second pregnancy, which was this one, was a Garden Themed Shower that was oh so magical, just like the first!

My sister Kelli has the most amazing little garden patio that has been decorated and styled as perfectly as they come, just like the inside of her home. She’s always had an eye for design and I always have loved what she does to a space!

Welcome to my Garden Themed Baby Shower!!! <3


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