Let’s begin with why this post is in my INSPIRATION category.


Women inspire me. I’ve noticed on social media platforms, like instagram, that I follow a lot of… WOMEN. Why? I asked myself. Well, it’s just that. Women inspire me. Now I’m not sexist. Men inspire me too. But I am a woman. I am a mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife. Some people don’t like being put in a category. They say, “Don’t label me. I’m not a sister, wife or mom. That doesn’t define me. I’m ME! I’m an independent woman.”

That is GREAT! Don’t get me wrong. None of us are JUST those things. But I happen to like those labels.  In fact… I LIVE for those labels. I’m a daughter and sister. H yes, I’m a daughter. I’m my mother and fathers daughter, and being a sister means I have 8 best friends/siblings that I know will always be there when I need them.


That one automatically makes me smile. And now I’m sitting here, with my cup of tea in hand, grinning so widely, because I just realized how big I was grinning just typing the word. I took a lot of care choosing which man I’d take that label for. No name will ever give me as much joy as “wife” did that day, because in being a wife, here came…


Gosh. Does anything in life make you so anxious, yet so filled with joy at the very same time? This label is definitely the heaviest. This label gave me a purpose I never could have imagined. It gave me struggles, sleep deprivation, anxiety, fear and worry I never thought existed. It also finished our puzzle. It gave my joy, fulfillment, pride, excitement, and fun I would have never dreamed possible.

So I get on instagram and Facebook and as I look through the pics on my feed, I’m happy. I’m happy to see so many women out there living there lives in different ways, fulfilling there callings in different fields, taking care of their families in different cultures. I’m inspired by ever single person I follow and I hope that my honesty and shortcomings can let someone else know that it’s okay to be different. Different is beautiful and it’s the only way I want to be!

Now….Sorry about that… back on track!

I have never done a beauty post before. I’m no expert and I hope you bear with me.

If you’re like me, you have some insecurities. I try not to let them affect me, but I’m human and sometimes they do. As I’m getting older, and having babies is changing my body, I’ve realized my insecurities have only grown! Now, if you knew how my sweet husband treats me you would be judo-chopping my jugular right now, yelling, “You’re so lucky! You have nothing to be insecure about!” I am lucky. He literally treats me like I have never had a single flaw, on the outside or in.

But, as I said before, I am human. I care about my looks. But I think that’s okay. I don’t think it’s unhealthy to care if you look good or not. I don’t know one person who doesn’t. Now, it’s not healthy to obsess over it, but it’s definitely not a flaw to care. All the power to those women that can wake up and go to an event without putting one ounce of makeup on. I wish I was that confident in my own skin… maybe one day.

So, if you’re like me, and you like to look somewhat put together, but you also like simple, this is the post for you. I HATE getting ready. Doing my hair, makeup and even finding what to wear is my least favorite part of each day. However, once I’m ready I feel SO much better. I don’t mind if someone pops in on me at the house unannounced. I can run into the grocery store without trying to hide, yada yada yada.

So this is where social media came in. Every day I was seeing all these beautiful women fly passed my screen and here I was in sweats and a top knot, no makeup on and dry-shampoo holding me together. I wasn’t having negative thoughts of “why not me?” and “ugh, I wish I looked like that.” I was INSPIRED!

But let’s be real. I work over 40 hours a week from home with two kids under 5. HOW and WHAT was I going to do to feel better about myself every day but not have to put too much effort into it??


#1: A TAN!

  1. I don’t want skin cancer.
  2. I don’t want to age prematurely.
  3. I look gross pale and pasty. (Some people can pull it off. I can’t.)
  4. Tan fat looks better than pale fat. lol

I have tried a number of different tanners and these are the ones I’ve liked the best!

These are two very different tanners and here’s why.

If you want a dark tan right away, with a color guard to help you see where the tanner is going, then FAKE BAKE is for you. Tanceuticals is a lotion with no color guard, which is also great if you are worried about getting it on your sheets or clothes, but it never went very dark on me. It was just a nice sun kissed glow.

Both products smell great, aren’t streaky, and are definitely not orange.  If you don’t want wrinkles, hate sunbathing like me, and want to protect your skin from the sun but also look like you just went on a caribbean vacay, these are great and safe options!

I bought my Fake Bake on Amazon, but I had to by the Tanceuticals from their actual site.  Here are both their links:

Fake Bake Link: http://a.co/3XRMBJm

Tanceuticals Link: http://www.tanceuticals.com/shop/


Does anyone else NOT have those perfect eyebrows that are thick and dark and just perfect even after swimming an entire day at the pool? Yeah. I have blonde hair and my brows are not thick. I hate that washed out look I get after swimming the entire day…. or even an hour… and my eyebrows just disappear!

I was VERY scared and SUPER skeptical when I started seeing all the hype about microblading and softap brows. But then, I started seeing these amazing results!

I decided to go out on a limb, find the best technician I could and just go for it!  And let me tell you, I have never been happier about doing so!  Just look at these before and afters! (Top: With makeup. Middle: naked. Bottom: First go.)


Don’t panic. A LOT of people panic when they see the bottom picture. Most people want it to look natural. The drawn on look is not what most people strive for when getting their perfect brows! These pictures are taken right after she did them, so the color is still making a sort of block on my brows. After about 7 days the healing process is almost over, they peel and underneath you get BEAUTIFUL natural looking brows, that will be there EVERY DAY.

So here were my brows before I got anything done:

And here they are after about four weeks of healing, following the first appointment. Look at the shape and those hair lines! Totally natural right!? And I’ve always wanted my brow line to be higher and bam, they are now! Looks like I got an eye lift!

Now, as you can see in that picture above. I’m lacking in the eyelash department. So… that brings us to…


Lo and behold, I found a sister duo that did both, in the same place, and they are both amazing!! They live in bountiful and you can book your appointment, go to their cute place and literally get both of your appointments done only 20 feet apart from each other! When I went to get my eyelashes done, I also got my touch-up for my brows. You HAVE to get the touchup 1-2 months after your first appointment, cause that’s when the color really locks in!  Check out these before and afters:

Check them out on instagram:




They are the cutest and nicest sister duo ever and you will not regret whatever type of drive you have to make to get to them! But hurry, they book up FAST!

Last but not least…


I have NEVER been a lipstick wearer, not even a lipgloss believer. But guys, I can’t stop with this stuff. My biggest annoyance with glosses and lipsticks before was the transfer. I HATED worrying about getting lipstick on my kids, husband, clothes, etc. I couldn’t even itch my lip without getting it every where, so… I just never wore it. I became a chapstick girl and that was it!

This was the first color I ever got… Bella, and I was immediately obsessed. I had it on ALL day, I literally only put it on once and I could kiss my kids, kiss my husband, eat, drink whatever, and I’d catch a glance in the mirror and it was still perfect! And I didn’t even miss the chapstick at all, which means a lot, because I am an avid chapstick wearer.

I got a hold of Leisel Utter and she got me going! She is an amazing distributor and has always got me exactly what I want! Here are her instagram and Facebook handles:



So that is it, the four things you will be seeing on me during the summer!

Tan, brows, lashes and lipsense.

I don’t  wear Lipsense to swim, but here I am yesterday at the pool, completely bare!  I would have never been this confident to wear absolutely no makeup and go swimming with a dozen friends. You can actually see my eyebrows, and they have shape! And my eyes don’t look tiny because I have no eyelashes! I can’t wait for the summer to start and be stress free with my fuss-free routine!!



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