Hi everyone! This years adult only trip was to the Caribbean! We took a cruise ship and were able to explore three different ports!

First stop… JAMAICA!

After an hour drive, we took a small walk through a beautiful forest to an even more beautiful cluster of pools and waterfalls. We were “Jamaican baptized” and initiated by being pushed under waterfalls and through small caves. We then jumped on our tubes and took a leisurely ride down the river toward a small dock, ending at the beach! The river was quite calm and the rapids were small but the highlight for me was exploring the beautiful landscape beforehand. Caves, pools, and waterfalls are my kind of jam.

Less than 12 hours later we were in the GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS! Little did I know, this place would hold one of my favorite experiences yet!  The moment we got off the ship I knew this place was going to be a highlight! The water was incredible! The most bright turquoise and perfectly clear water you’ve ever seen! I’ve seen loads of clear, blue ocean, but this was definitely the most turquoise, which made for a perfectly stunning background in every pic!

We boarded a boat and headed toward Stingray City! It was a ways out, into the middle of the ocean. So, I was amazed when we pulled up to the sandbar and hopped out to only waist-deep water! It was incredible just as is…. and then they came! Dark shapes under the water started appearing out of nowhere. Stingrays small and huge surrounded us from every angle, despite all the people around.

We all held one, a male, the smallest of the ones we saw. I even got to feed one! (You can see in the video I’m tagging at the end of this post.)

After a wonderful time at Stingray city, we soared back across the turquoise sea to Rum Point Beach, the cutest little beach town! We ate yummy food and snorkeled until we could snorkel no more.  This island and it’s surroundings quickly became one of the favorite places!

Last stop…. COZUMEL!  We stepped out onto the dock and took the short jaunt to the city. The beachy vibe right when you get on to actual land is so cute and calming. We walked through small streets, surrounded by palm trees and thatched roof shops, upbeat music playing in the background, until we found someone to talk to. They told us what to do and the next thing I knew, we were on our mopeds and heading west.

Firstly, we had to see some ruins, so we made the drive to San Gervasio. We all loved the history behind these epic landmarks.

After exploring the entirety of this historic place, we decided to hit the beach! It was hot! This beach and it’s waves were PERFECT for some boogie boarding! The best part was watching the gopro videos after. My husband is a pro at capturing those waves from under the water. 😉 lol

Now, these pics were definitely not all I have to show from this amazing adventure! We had our new go pro with us the whole time so we could capture as much as we could on video! I’m starting a vlog, to go along with my travel blog here, and this was our first test run! So, please take a look and tell me what you think! 🙂



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