Didn’t we all imagine fairies were real when we were little?  Well, I still believe they are.

We heard of a secret forest, just a couple of years ago. We searched and searched but we could not find this magical place. Finally, someone had made the journey and were kind enough to tell us its secret location. We waited patiently for the snow to melt.

Then when spring came, we were ready. We traveled up the canyon, followed their directions and parked on the side of the highway, where you would never know something like this existed just behind the pines.

We made the small hike over a creek bed to the land of fairies! Tall trees surrounded us; the mountains surrounding them. What a magical place, hidden up in the mountains of Utah for these whimsical creatures to hide! 😉

We tightened our laces, broke out the camera and entered their world. We looked high and low, searching for any sign of fairy we might see. Suddenly colors started to come into focus in the distance and immediately the children were off! Lightning speed, their little legs took them. They ran, hand in hand, through the trails of Fairy Forest, stopping to peak in each little fairy home that they passed. Blues, yellows, pinks, oranges, reds, and every color you could imagine spread out across the magical realm.

Each little hut or house or village was pointed out by little fingers, followed by squeals and screams of joy!

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new world with the innocent eyes of a child. Imaginations run free with each new adventure we take. Trees are taller, meadows brighter, sounds greater, and colors brighter. Dreams collide with reality and even joy comes to you in a greater caliber. I love these littles. I love adventure. But most of all, I love adventures with my littles.  ♥


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