In the summer of 2016, we took the road to Colorado. We drove through the breathtaking Rio Grande National forest and it was literally the most stunning landscape I’d ever seen. A huge ravine resided on one side while a steep hill of  trees towered over us on the other. Every shade of dark green spanned out across the landscape, then there were these random bursts of red rock that looked like they did not belong amongst the green foliage surrounding it.

Once through the forest, the drive was just as spectacular. I would go on a trip again just to see it. The trees dropped off and massive fields of light beige sand/dirt spread out till they hit a steep wall of rock far in the distance. We were the only people on the road. Not one car passed us the entire way. The ocean of tan soon came to an end and green was once again all I could see. Circular crops weaved in and out of each other like a scene out of Signs. Massive pivot lines spraying water far overhead made a mist in-between us and the sun that could only be described as magical.

We pulled up to the cabin we would stay in, courtesy of the lovely Brady family, and took in the stunning sights around us.

Each day we went on at least one big adventure! The first day we went to the Trujillo Meadows Lake. My husband taught our oldest daughter to fish for the first time. This is why I take so many pictures; to capture these perfect moments so that I can look back on them on days like today and get that same warmth in my heart I felt watching them. Nothing compares to seeing your one true love, love the loves of your life.

The next day we went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. My sister and her husband go there every year and so they knew all the secret spots! We pulled up to this massive sand incline and we were the only group there the entire time. It was perfect. We had water on one side and sand on the other.

The kids were in absolute heaven! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day! And I have to say, I was pretty entertained watching all the boys plummet toward the ground in a cloud of sand.  And by boys, I also mean the hubs and grandpa. 😂

Our final day: Conejos River. We pumped our rafts and tubes, life jacket-ted the children and went on our way! Luckily it was not far because we were literally staying on the river. It was again… breathtaking. Another tree-filled landscape I wish I could enjoy daily!

All in all, Southern Colorado was an amazing trip for our entire family. And if I have my way, we will be back many times!

Thank you Brady Family for giving us the stomping grounds to enjoy such an amazing trip that we will never forget!

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