Oh man, just looking at these pictures while I sit on my couch, surrounded by windows covered in snow, is making me very excited for warm days ahead! I am wearing fuzzy socks to my knees, two pairs of pants, two shirts and a sweatshirt right now, and I’m still cold. Then I close my eyes and picture the nice warm sun on my face, as I sprawl out on the deck of a pirate ship, with the nice ocean blue surrounding me. Oh yeah, Cruise2017 can’t come soon enough!

Last year we went on a cruise with friends and family to celebrate my niece graduating high school! We went to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. We did some amazing excursions during our travels and I have to say, each one we did was so worth it!

First we boarded a large pirate ship and got decked out with all the necessary attire!

We soared across blue waters with the company of what seemed like a couple hundred dolphins! And let me just tell you, since they’ve been my favorite animal all my life, I was pretty excited!

After stopping, we walked the plank and jumped into nice, calm waters! We put on our snorkel gear and set out to explore! The guides brought food with them, which they’d throw out toward you and suddenly you’d be swarmed by schools of fish. So if you’re scared of fish, or birds for that matter, this might not be the thing for you, but for me and every one else there, it was pretty amazing!  I even saw a mermaid while swimming around! My kids were pretty ecstatic I was able to snap a pic of her!

Once back on the ship, they started the music and the ship turned into a major dance party the entire way back! Every person was dancing and there wasn’t one person without a smile on their face. That’s the kind of trip I like!

Once our days in Cabo were over, we boarded the Carnival Miracle once again and hit the wide open ocean!

Next stop… Puerto Vallarta!  We did an amazing excursion while here! They took us in a big, military style truck and we got to see a ton of Puerto Vallarta that we would not have otherwise seen. We got to the beginning of our tour up in the hills, and geared up for a huge span of zip-lines. We climbed up hundreds of steps, then soared over 400 ft ravines! I’d only wished it lasted longer. After that, we each got to pick a mule and they carried us back up the mountain. I couldn’t even believe how much power each of these animals had! They could run up a very steep hillside with only a foot of gravel to walk on. It was insane!

Back to the Carnival Miracle and we were on our way! We have traveled a lot with just the two of us, but we both agreed traveling with a group this time was so much fun, and only helped those relationships grow! We met new friends and got to spend time with family that I will forever cherish! What a blast it was!

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