Okay, so my husband and I love to pretend we are major DIY-ers that actually know what we’re doing, but the truth is, we don’t. We love re-doing, building, and making anything you could think of, especially if it has anything to with our house, yard, or getting us outside for some kind of adventure!  But, we aren’t exactly professionals. We had a lot of laughs doing this project and maybe even some minor primal screams of frustration. We bought this trailer  for cheap from a friend and immediately decided we’d try to re-do it. It is not completely finished yet, but the MAJOR parts are done! I will post a final picture once we get it finished, but now since the season is turning, it may be next summer! :\ Headed out for one last camping trip this year, tomorrow night! So excited to bring this baby out!

How it started:

img_0458 img_0459 img_0460 img_0461


Finally enough done to take it out!  The season is about over and we will have to store it for winter, but we are excited to have worked on our first and very own little camper together!


img_4528 img_4529 img_4530 img_4533 img_4534 img_4535


The before:img_4540

And After:



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