I have a love/hate relationship with being pregnant. My first pregnancy was pretty normal. I had mild nausea every day for the first 22 weeks. After that I felt great. My third trimester, I felt better than I had in years. I have some medical imbalances that cause me to pass out, so my normal is what most people would feel if they hadn’t eaten or drank anything for about a day. So for some reason, maybe the extra blood flow or something, I felt great! I had lots of energy and I LOVED being pregnant. I wasn’t the type of person that couldn’t wait to get her out! I wanted as much time feeling her kicks inside me as I could get! I wanted her to stay in there as long as she needed and be completely ready whenever she decided to come.


My second pregnancy, this pregnancy ^ , was different. The first trimester I was sick… extremely sick. Unlike my first pregnancy, where I just had this mild nausea kind of looming over me, I had extreme nausea constantly for the first three months. It was so bad, that even if I tried to adjust in bed, I’d puke.

My doctors were desperate to find something, to help me get through each day. I had a 1 year old and I could not function during the day. After going through many different types of nausea prevention methods and medicines, they put me on a very strong nausea pill. Once I was going into my second trimester, and with the help of this pill, my nausea started to decrease.

Suddenly, one day I woke up with blurry dots in my vision. At first I thought it was something in my eyes. Then I thought it was the beginning stages of a migraine. After days of no relief I knew it was something else, but we were moving to another state, so I had to wait to go to the doctor.

We finally arrived in Utah and my vision had gotten worse. The blurs had spread across the entirety of my eyes and everything was blurry.

I went to an eye doctor and they couldn’t find much, besides a little swelling behind one of my eyes. He sent me to my family doctor. After a week, and now seeing complete double vision, my family doctor then told me he was 95% sure I had MS. I was devastated. We went to my parents and told them. I was scheduled for the tests, to make sure, in a couple days and would not have the results until after the weekend.

That week was one of my hardest. I trusted my family doctor of 15 years and if he said I have MS, I believed him.

One week later the test results came back. It was negative. Oh my excitement!

The next weekend I walked into a baseball banquet with my husband. Even though I was slightly blind, and could only see straight if one eye was closed, I was excited to be there and see all our friends. We walked into the room, headed for our table and I watched as the room went dark.

I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was going blind. I started reaching for chairs, trying to make my way out of the large banquet hall without any one noticing. My husband was about two tables away, talking to some people, so I knew he couldn’t help me. I bumped and fell over tables and chairs as I tried to work my way to the hallway. I said my husbands name, hoping he would hear me. He did. Finally he came to my rescue, grabbing my arm. I told him I couldn’t see and to get me out of there and he did. I burst into tears as soon as we were in the hall. I saw blackness and that was it.

Back to the doctors I went.

Even though MS had been ruled out by a number of other tests, my doctor wasn’t convinced. He scheduled me for a spinal tap, but something happened with my insurance and we had to wait a while. So he sent me to an ear, nose and throat specialist, as well as another eye doctor who did a dozen other tests. I had 17 doctors appointments in 2 weeks.

It was Friday and I was scheduled to see my gynecologist that day and my spinal tap was Monday. I was miserable. I hadn’t seen anything clearly in a long time, no one could figure out why and I was quickly feeling defeated.

I updated my gynecologist on what was happening and she decided to go a different direction. She asked me what medications I was on. I told her I was still taking the nausea medicine she had given me and that was it. She told me to stop. “Just stop for the weekend and see how it affects you,” she said.

So I did.

Not even 24 hours later, I started to regain my sight. Monday morning I woke up with my vision completely restored. I immediately called and canceled my spinal tap. I was in medical relief heaven! I thanked god that it was nothing serious and I could not stop looking at my husband and little girl.

Entering the third trimester I was hopeful. If only I could feel how I felt the last pregnancy at my third trimester, it could make up for everything!

The next week I was in the ER in major pain. Something was happening and I was terrified it was something horrible. I was praying for my babies safety over every thing else. Due to some of my other medical hurdles, my body was not healing as it grew. I had torn ligaments and muscles all over my abdomen and uterus. They put me on bed rest.  I now had a two year old and bed rest was impossible.

Two weeks later, I’m at the hospital again and can barely walk. My pelvic bone is trying to separate from my spine and the swelling is making it hard to move. They put me on strict bed rest and said I needed to have another adult present and with me at all times.

My wonderful family started coming in shifts, to “babysit” me for the next couple months.  I was NEVER alone. They took care of Porsch and me, and I was and still am incredibly grateful!

My sweet Thea came on September 22, 2014 and it was all worth it! We could not have been happier!xi7a4776-copy xi7a4577-2-copy xi7a4450-copy xi7a4445-copy xi7a4305-copy maternity-shoot1

These last five pics were also taken during our maternity shoot of my cute little Porschia and hubs.  I’m OBSESSED with them!! <3


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