My husband and I fell in love with Capri Island as soon as we saw it.  We were excited to finally see Italy, and with Capri as our first stop, we were not disappointed!  In fact, it was and still is one of our favorite places we’ve ever traveled!  The scene was perfect!  We pulled up in a ferry to the cutest streets, that you could roam through for hours.

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We grabbed a taxi and headed up to the Monte Solaro Bed and Breakfast!  The drive was insane!!!  We got in to the back of a little car and started winding up the narrow roads, on the side of this beautiful landscape.  As we passed vans, on our way up, I realized all the mirrors tucked in to the sides of the vehicles.  Soon after I found out why.  Not only were we scrapping by on one side of the road, but the other side, literally 1 foot to my right, was a complete drop off!  I’ve never had butterflies like that while in a car.  It was crazy.

I’ve posted some videos of the ride, on my youtube channel for you to see!  **The link is to the right or below**

Once we arrived at the Monte Solaro, I could not believe my eyes.  The view was stunning!  We were at the top of the island overlooking this small town and massive ocean.  It was breathtaking.  We literally stood there, just breathing it all in, for about 30 minutes before we even got settled into our room.


We knew we had to see as much of the island as we could, so we went down and rented a boat, then set off to explore!

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After getting to explore a few other places in Italy, both Parker and I agreed that Capri had the BEST food out of all the places we visited!  We tried every restaurant that we could fit in to our days, without having to order someone to life flight us off the island.

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We rode the one-man chair lift up to the tippy top of the island and the views just kept getting better!  Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe what we saw that day.

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Just seeing these pictures again, are killing me!  I want to go back so bad!

Our favorite thing to do, at the end of a busy day exploring this magnificent place on earth, was to come back to our B&B and watch the most spectacular sunsets we’d ever seen!  Every night was surreal!

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If you ever get a chance to go to Capri, Italy, PLEASE oh please, do.  You will not regret it!

And I suggest you stay in the Monte Solaro Bed and Breakfast!  The people and the view can not be beat!

Link:  Monte Solaro Bed and Breakfast


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