My first born, Porschia Jerilon is turning 4 in 5 days and I’m trying not to freak out.  I’m dying looking at these pics!  I can remember taking these like it was yesterday.  She has always been such a sweet little angel.  I can’t tell you how many times people say, “She is the sweetest little girl.”  She is hilarious, kind, beautiful, giving, and so much more!  I am unbelievably blessed to get to be her mom.  She was definitely sent from God to lighten the world.  Here are some quotes from my little angel the last couple of years.


Thea, her baby sister, was sick and crying. I get up to go get her and Porsch runs in front of me, puts her hand up to stop me and says, “I’ll handle it. Go sit back down. You don’t need to get sick too.” Lol



Thea, baby sister, picked up a toy and was literally just hitting Porsch in the face and head, over and over. Porsch just sat there and said “Oh! Oh! Thanks for doing my hair Thea!”




I had just changed Thea’s diaper and she started pooping again and I said “Theaaaaa. Really?” Porsch looked at me and said “Don’t be mad at Thea mommy. She’ll be sad. Don’t be mad at her ok?” Then she turns to Thea. “Sorry we got mad at you Thea. It was just a joking. We aren’t mad at you. Sorry Thea. We aren’t mad.”




Walked in to the living room after my shower and Porsch was folding clothes. I said, “Awww Porsch. You are soooo sweet! What are you doing?”

Porschia: “I’m just folding these so you don’t have to do it. I don’t want your back to hurt.”




Me-“Here! It’s an eyelash. Blow and make a wish!”

Porsch blows it off, then just smiles at me.

Me- “What did you wish for?!”

Porsch- “Nothing. I didn’t make a wish or close my eyes.”

Me- “Why not?”

Porsch- “I have everything I want. I don’t need to make a wish.”




Porsch-“Mom, here you can have some!” (Her Valentines candy.)

Me- “It’s okay honey. I want to save it for you.”

Porsch- “I just want you to have it.”

Me- “Okay I’ll take one piece. You don’t care?”

Porsch- “Of course I care. I care about everything in the whole world!”


Me- “Okay. But you’re sure? We can save it for when you do want something.”

Porsch- “I just really want you to have it mom.”

(She is always giving away everything she has!  I’ve never been around someone that gives more freely than her.)




Park got home and said, “Porsch, I’m sorry. I ate your donut this morning.”

She went right up to him, gave him a huge hug and said, “I’m so glad you told me daddy.”


We love you so much Porschia!  You brought so much light into our world when you entered it.  You brighten our lives every second of every day!  Happy Birthday my darling!  I love you as big as the sky.


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