That’s when I hear it.  A light moaning sound, like someone waking from a deep sleep.  My feet pull me toward the door the noise is coming from.  The cold aluminum chills my ear, as I press it against the door.  A high pitched voice rings through the metal.

Her voice.

I let my hands push open the door.  My heart stops, as a strong smell almost knocks me off my feet.  I grab the neck of my shirt, wrenching it over my nose, taking a deep breath into the rough fabric.

It’s then I see her, lying on the ground, in a puddle of that same red color I had first seen almost three weeks ago.  Wires wrap around her, attaching themselves to about eight different parts of her body.  Deep burn marks surround each one.  A long cut spreads from the middle of her hairline to her left temple.  Blood and bruise marks cover her face.

My first instinct is to run to her.  As soon as my right foot leaves the ground, her expression changes.  Then, before I have time to replace my foot back on the cement, she whispers, “Run.”


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